Islamabad           -        Islamabad high court decision regarding Form-7 of combination homoeopathic products is expected within 15 days. The president of Society of homoeopath Pakistan, Dr. Zubair qureshi has given his views, regarding issues of homoeopathic manufacturer & Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan. Society of homoeopathic Pakistan is one of the oldest associations which had been registered in 1932. The basic objective of society association is to work for the advancement of homoeojpathic/personnel/professional & manufacturer related to homoeopathic system.

Dr. Zubair further said that he has long & Purposeful meeting with DRAP Authorities for the transparent implementation of SRO 412 as already decided by the honorable Islamabad high court. The business of homoeopathic manufacturing sales & export has been badly disturbed by the slow decision making of DRAP.

DRAP did not issue form-7 of combination homoeopathic products, but crackdown has been started against unregistered products.

Alternative medicine industry is directly targeted by this task force due to non availability of From-7, DRAP has treated Alternative medicine industry as this is not the industry of Pakistan & the same yardstick for issuance of Form- 7 has not been applied, He said.

Society of homoeopath has engaged top class lawyers & technocrats, to address all the threats by the regulator to homeopathic industries.