ISLAMABAD (APP) - Islamabad is facing shortage of 11,000 flour bags per day and trying to overcome this problem by requesting the Punjab government to increase flour quota for federal capital. " Islamabad is currently obtaining 14,000 flour bags per day and the total demand is atleast 25,000 bags. There is definitely a short fall but every possible effort is being made to overcome this shortage and the Punjab government has been requested to increase the supply to the capital," the officials sources of the district administration said here Tuesday.      Regarding the likely increase in prices of 'Roti', he said that Naan Bai Association have not contacted district administration to discuss the matter after increase in flour prices and it is their own decision to raise Re. 1 in the price of Roti. Meanwhile, the representatives of Naan Bai Association said that administration should allow them to increase the price as the flour prices have gone up. The officials of district administration said that a meeting would be called soon with the bread makers to resolve the issue. Online adds: -Flour bags have not been supplied to utility stores of the rural and urban areas of capital since Eid-ul-Fitr thus contributing to the recent prevailing atta crisis in the city. The consumers while expressing their grave concern over the situation alleged that the federal government is using delaying tactics regarding the supply of atta aimed to save expenditures under the head of subsidy. Sources told that 3,000 atta bags having the quantity of 20 kilogram per bag were supplied to utility stores of the capital daily and due to Rs. 22 subsidy per bag, atta was being supplied on less rates but now atta is not being supplied. Advisor to PM on Industries and Production, Mina Manzoor Ahmed Watto said that the government did not remove the subsidy on daily edibles available in the utility stores. However, the supply of atta to utility stores after Eid was stopped, sources said.