LAHORE - Opposition leader in the Punjab Assembly Ch Zaheer-ud-Din has said that merger of different sections of the Muslim League was possible provided the negotiations were made on equal basis. He was addressing a press conference here at Muslim League House on Tuesday. Ch Zaheer said PML was the parent party while others were mere factions. He said PML was ready to accept any faction including the PML-N provided such group merge into the parent party and follow its policy. He said any faction could merge into his party and PML would not loose its identity in any case. He said in case of merger, the General Council of PML would decide about the future leadership of the party. He also told the elections of his party would be held in February next year. He said PML being an opposition party played a very constructive role national issues. He said PML leadership unconditionally supported the prime minister candidate of the PPP. He said that as an opposition leader in the Punjab Assembly, he drew attention of the government toward looming flour crises well in time. He said now due attention should be given to avoid wheat crises in the wake of threatening water shortage and high prices of fertilisers. He said that replacing the food secretaries would not address the actual issue rather it needed concrete strategy. To a question about forward block, Ch Zaheer said the group stands nowhere and if somebody tried to create any rift, he or she have to resign. He said that the country was facing severe financial crises and in this situation the politics of blame game would just tarnish the political atmosphere of the country. He said his party had buried the politics of blame game and others should also avoid from that as the country was standing on the brim of financial collapse. He said during their tenure they ensured up to 80 per cent payments to the victims of cooperative scam whose amounts were up to Rs 500,000. He claimed that allegations were levelled against the PML leadership regarding the said scam and alleged that the government had appointed a notorious official as the chairman of Punjab Cooperative Board of Liquidity (PCBL) despite the fact the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) had already declared that official as culprit for financial embezzlements.