Flash flood caused by release of excess water from dams in Arunachal Pradesh and Bhutan have submerged more than 100 villages in Assam on Tuesday. Flash floods in lower Assam's Kamrup (Rural) district has cut surface communication between the state and the rest of the country. Official sources said the water from dams in Arunachal Pradesh rushed down and coupled with heavy rain has submerged 50 villages in Lakhimpur district last night. The Rohmoria embankments on the Brahmaputra river protecting the districts of upper Assam have suffered erosion of 70 metre. Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh had announced funds to protect Rohmoria during his visit to the state in January but locals complained that no work began so far. Villages of Habichuk, Gorpara and Kunwar are affected by the flash flood. In lower Assam's Puthimari area in Kamrup (Rural) district, more than 70 villages have been submerged following release of excess water from dams in Bhutan. Heavy rain have also submerged a large part of Nameri National Park in Sonitpur district. Official sources said rains for the last three days in the Puthimari area of the district and upper reaches of the surrounding mountains caused an embankment to breach last night at around 11:00 pm. The flood waters affected over 70,000 people, damaged standing paddy crops ready for harvest and overtopped the National Highway-31 that connects the state to rest of the country through West Bengal. The worst-affected areas were Hahara, Kundukona, Moranjona, Kosoruwa, Bamungaon and Sotsil. The district administration has called in the BSF and National Disaster Response Force with eight motor-boats for rescuing the affected people. The administration has set up two relief camps in Puthimari area for the flood-hit people, some of whom were sheltering on unaffected parts of the NH-31 and on embankments. The embankment at Puthimari which had breached on August 31 during the monsoons had developed cracks within five days of repair at a cost of Rs 19 lakhs on September 15, the sources said.