LAHORE - President of the Pakistan Hockey Federation Qasim Zia has said that with the sincere efforts of former Olympian, Pakistan hockey could put itself on a path of recovery. Addressing a press conference here at the National Stadium here Tuesday after a seminar on the development of hockey, Zia said the PHF received input from former Olympians from Punjab and very soon a seminar will be organized in Karachi where legends from Sindh will give their advice on how to improve the game in the country. He said with useful suggestions from former players, he and his team would be able to work for the betterment of the game in the country. PHF secretary Asif Bajwa on this occasion announced that the federation had signed a five year deal a local TV channel. He also said the series would start with junior series against India. Zia said the PHF was planning to organise flood light hockey tournaments in Karachi and Lahore to popularize the game. Former Olympian-turned politician Akhtar Rasul felicitated the federation an said he would try to do everything to promote the game. While Olypian Akhlaq Ahmed stressed the importance of strict age tests, Mudassar Asghar highlighted the need for improving athleticism.