Senator Mushahid Hussain is currently spearheading the efforts for release of Dr Afia Siddiqui, who is detained in a New York prison facing charges of attempted murder. As recent as two weeks ago, a delegation of Pakistani senators in the leadership of Mushahid Hussain flew to US to meet the detained Mrs. Siddiqui. I wonder where was Mr. Hussain's conscience and oft-proclaimed love for Pakistan when Gen Musharraf, in total violation of constitutional norms, jailed the honourable CJ, Iftikhar Ch, along with his entire family. If my memory serves me correctly, Senator Hussain never even attempted to give a statement against this illegal and unprecedented detention. At no time did he express a desire to meet the (deposed) Chief Justice either. However, he gladly flew over eight thousand miles to meet Dr Siddiqui. This shows what kind of people of dubious and highly questionable integrity infest the Pakistan politics today. -DR AMJID NAZIR, California, USA, via e-mail, October 14.