Mr Shaukat Tarin has taken over as Advisor to PM on Finance at a time when the world is in the midst of a serious economic crisis and Pakistan's economy in ruin. Years of poor governance, no accountability, defaults by design and rampant corruption has eaten away the little that we had both in terms of capital as well as international credibility. Pakistan's meager resources have been misused for far too long a period to provide subsidised housing, real estate and perks to its paid civil and military servants, while provision of subsidised health and education to the deprived sections of our society has been neglected. I am sure that Mr Tarin, a man known for his aggressive decisions in spheres of banking, will take resolute action in these difficult times. Mr. Tarin is reputed to be different from bankers like Shaukat Aziz and many of his ilk that come from the IMF and World Bank etc because he has his roots in this country. His own investments are within Pakistan, which shows he has a personal stake in revival of our economy too. As a fellow Pakistani loyal to this country, I wish him well and pray for his success. May Pakistan prosper and become a true welfare state, the kind our Quaid and other founding fathers had desired it to be. May God make Pakistan the sort of country where all citizens enjoy equal rights and everything is on merit. -MALIK TARIQ ALI, Lahore, via e-mail, October 14.