LAHORE - Some top-level changes are expected in Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited (SNGPL). According to sources in the Petroleum and Gas Ministry top on the list is Sales General Manager Chaurdry Masood Ahmad. He is being transferred after flood of complaints from the consumers including some high flyers in the present set up. Sources revealed that the ministry had received immense complaints from the Lahore office regarding his rude behaviour, and non-professional approach in the performing his official duties. A large number of visitors of the SNGPL head office in Lahore have repeatedly sent their complaints to Islamabad; and in the light of those criticism the ministry is considering his replacement. He has already been warned to mend his ways by authorities concerned. It is being stated in complaints against him that he never allowed any complainant to access him. "If some lucky complainant reached his office, he talked to him rudely, forcing him to leave his office immediately instead of listening or entertaining his case. "Though consumers of SNGPL, including several manufacturers and industrialists, have been lodging complaints against him for a long time the higher authorities took a lenient attitude and served him only verbal notices. But when complaints reached a shocking amount, the authorities have to take the matter seriously and they ultimately decided to serve him notice for his transfer. An official of the SNGPL head office said that several letters against misconduct and rudeness of the said GM were sent to high ups to seek his immediate suspension or at least his transfer, but authorities did nothing in this regard. Other changes are also on the cards, which includes Sales, Operational and Maintenance sections. SNGPL Sales GM Ch Masood did not attend his phone despite repeated calls. However, the SNGPL spokesman Naeem Khan, when contacted, showed his ignorance about these developments.