LAHORE - Some startling facts were revealed during a study conducted on the Secondary School Certificate (SSC) Examination result, 2008 of eight boards of Intermediate & Secondary Education in Punjab including that of Lahore Board. On one hand some students showed excellent result by setting new records in various groups, at the same time some poor performances were also witnessed. However, it is no denying the fact that 50 per cent failed in the examination pointing to the deterioration of educational standard and resultant drop out of Matric students, a heavy toll on their career. This is a highly thought provoking matter for the policy planners. Usually 50 per cent students drop out by reaching the class 5th in our country and another 50 per cent fail in the SSC (Matric) examination. The remaining 25 per cent face hardship in getting admission in colleges for higher education. Only 20 per cent of them could get admission in colleges while 10 per cent of them are dropped. By reaching postgraduate classes, only 4 per cent are left. The ratio of enrolment in MA, MSc, is not beyond 4 per cent in our country.  This survey and evaluation was made by the Education Executive Club. Prof M Sharif Malik, a member of the Club and ex-EDO (Education) said that private schools showed better performance as compared to the public sector schools in the result 2008 which is also a matter of concern for those who claim spending of billions of rupees on reformation of government schools and improvement of facilities there while the results vis-a-vis quality of education and enrolment is poor. The highest 817 marks were obtained by a student from Faisalabad Board and the lowest 800 marks among the position holders by a student from Rawalpindi Board. According to the study, the trend is shifting to private schools and the government schools are facing shortage of students. Parents do not want to send their children to government schools and colleges because of poor quality of education and discipline. All the three top position holders in Arts group were students of Farooqi Girls High school, Lahore, a private school affiliated with the Lahore Board, which also made its marks in the past. The rest of the position holders belonged to the peripheral areas and a few from GCU, LCWU of Lahore. The boys outnumbered girls in the Lahore Board result securing all the three overall top positions. Hafiz Shahzad Ali who secured Gold Medal and overall 3rd position in Arts group was an external student and a rickshaw driver while the first position holder of Lahore Board who secured 815 marks belonged to a village. Three position holders of General Group are students of Shigri Public school, Faisalabad, while PAF Sargodha secured second and third positions. Students of Pakistan Model School, Kasur obtained second and third positions while two of the students of Central Public Higher secondary school Khanpur secured two positions   Among the positions holders, eight are 'Hafiz-e-Quran' while three students belonged to religious seminaries. Some more interesting observations were made in the study. The private girl students secured 12.1 per cent pass percentage above the boys. The pass percentage of regular science group of girls remained 13.52 per cent. Atleast 10725 students secured A Plus in the Lahore Board, all of whom wanted to secure admission in medical colleges. Chairman of the Lahore Board Prof Dr Akram Kashmiri said that performance of schools in the jurisdiction of Lahore Board was excellent and not less than any other board. It played a leading role in the past and would continue in future with better management and transparency in conducting the examinations and encouragement to the affiliated school for quality education.