LAHORE - The main accused involved in the Haris Steel scam have a long history of committing bank frauds. Before plundering billion of rupees from the Bank of Punjab, it was Faysal Bank and Allied Bank that have been robbed by these people identified as the main culprits in the Harris Steel Mill scam by both the NAB and the internal audit of the BoP. Who is who of the main characters involved in this scam are as below. Haris is the son of Sheikh Afzal. He alone owns about 130 luxury houses in the big cities of the Punjab, mostly in the posh areas of Lahore. The net worth of these houses is worth billion of rupees, according to the NAB findings. But the bureau is not sure where the rest of the money obtained from the Punjab bank in the name of Haris industry, has gone. The NAB findings also revealed that owners of this fake Harris Steel Mill invested about Rs 4 billion in the real estate business. Sheikh Afzal is the owner of Haris Steel, named after his son Haris (mentioned above). It is note worthy here that on ground there is no such thing as Haris Steel Industries. Afzal's brother Seth Yaqoob, before this scam, had got loans worth over Rs 270 million from Faysal Bank in the name of Sadia Ghee Mills and Iram Ghee Mills. Yaqoob was later arrested by NAB when it initiated a probe into the case. Upon plea-bargain, Yaqoob was released after paying part of the amount he was lent by the bank. Seth Nisar, another brother of Sheikh Afzal, received loans worth over Rs 177 million from the Allied Bank by adopting the same modus operandi. He also swallowed the millions he got and declared himself as a wilful default. The NAB again came into action. Inquiry was initiated. But later court stayed the NAB, stopping it from further pursuing the case. An investigation wing (II) of the NAB is also investigating a case of tax evasion worth over Rs 1430 million against the accused Seth Nisar. The federal agencies had sent this reference to the NAB for prosecution. Sheikh Afzal and his brother Seth Munir were sanctioned loans worth over Rs 8.6 billion by the Bank of Punjab in the name of Haris, Haider and Prime Steel Industries. These characters, however came into lime light when they obtained a huge loan from PoB. The main accused in the Haris steel scam is again Sheikh Afzal and Seth Munir. They got loans worth over billion of rupees on fake securities/collateral and bogus ID cards in connivance with the former top BoP management.