ISLAMABAD Security forces have killed at least 25 more terrorists and recovered huge cache of arms and ammunition in the ongoing military operation 'Rah-e-Nijat in South Waziristan Agency. Troops are making steady gains against Taliban militants as their leadership is on the run, DG ISPR Major General Athar Abbas told a joint press conference with Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting, Qamar Zaman Kaira, here on Wednesday. The DG ISPR strongly condemned the bomb blast in Peshawar and expressed his great regret and sorrow over the loss of innocent lives in the attack, saying it was a calculated TTPs defensive move to cause large-scale bloodshed. He further said that 25 terrorist training centres and nine caves had been destroyed, adding five soldiers were injured during the past 24 hours. He said the security forces had achieved substantial success on all three axes. The important stronghold of Kaniguram has been surrounded from three directions and forces have made good progress on Jandola-Saroragha axis along with securing important heights in Nawazkot area on Razmak-Makeen axis, he added. On Jandola-Sararogha axis, security forces were struggling to secure heights along main Kotkai-Sararogha Road that are overlooking Sararogha. They have already secured important road on Nullah junction, 2 km north of Ganrakas, along with important height point 1233, west of Kotkai-Sararogha Road. During engagements, eight militants were killed while three soldiers were injured. In Inzar Kalay, sanitization has been completed. During sanitization of Murghabund, three training complexes have been discovered and destroyed along with number of 82mm mortar and single barrel rocket launchers (SBRL) rockets. During cleaning of Kotkai, a total of 25 training centres were destroyed along with nine caves. On Shakai-Kaniguram axis, security forces in a bold move achieved surprise by securing important features around Kaniguram, the major stronghold of terrorists and important base of Uzbeks. The important feature Karwan Manza located two kilometres east of Kaniguram has been secured. This feature effectively dominates Kaniguram from the east and also over looks the town of Karama towards southeast on Kaniguram-Kotkai Road. Karama is a stronghold and training centre of foreign terrorists. During engagements five terrorists were killed while one soldier was injured. Towards west, the important feature of point 2120 has also been successfully secured dominating Kaniguram from the West. On Razmak-Makeen axis, security forces were in process of consolidation at Shaga, Tip-Ghar Top, Lagar Narai and Sharakai Sar and were conducting search and cordon operations at Nawazkot area. Fifteen bunkers have been destroyed during the clearance operation. During clearance of Zar-e-Sar, one solider got injured while 12 terrorists have been killed. Security forces recovered 3x12.7mm guns, 500 RPG-7 rockets, 100x82mm mortar bombs, 12,000 rounds of SMG and medical equipment. Answering a question, he said TTP Chief Hakimullah Mehsud was reportedly hiding somewhere after fleeing his village, leaving terrorist networks at the disposal of his deputies who had been besieged by the security forces. The terrorists had abducted a number of people including women and children belonging to Mehsud tribe. Answering another question, he said that most of the terrorists operating there were Uzbeks but other ethnic groups from Central Asian states were also involved. To yet another question about the fate of TTP Swat Chief Maulana Fazlullah, he said that security forces were effectively operating in the area and trying to reach closer to Fazlullah. Security forces are having breakthroughs on daily basis, he said. He said that it was the utmost effort of Army to reach the top leadership of the terrorists, as most of the Shura members were either caught or killed. Forces are trying to reach Fazalullah as well, he said. When his comments were sought about Pakistan Armys concerns on Kerry-Lugar Act, he said that Army had given its reservations against KLA leaving the matter to the Parliament to tackle the issue. Qamar Zaman Kaira said that terrorists were on the run, and now they had started targeting innocent people. Pakistani nation is determined for the complete eliminations of these elements, he added. He has also requested the media to downplay the incidents of terrorism as such matters not only create psychological depression amongst people but also help boost morale of the terrorists. He said that Armed Forces were efficiently carrying out their fight against terrorist and Pakistan did not need foreign help in its fight against terrorists. He said that more than 22,000 IDPs families had been registered and the government was fulfilling their needs.