This is with reference to the stance of Imran Khan on the war on terror and Taliban. I must say that whether Nawaz Sharif is a closet Taliban or not but Imran Khan surely is. He is either too innocent or too clever for having assumed the position that he has at this critical juncture when Pakistan Army is rendering most supreme sacrifices to kill the menace of Taliban. Here are a few questions I want to ask from Imran Khan. Are these Taliban the future of Pakistan? Does he want to see Taliban running the government in Islamabad? Why has he never condemned Taliban in his speeches. Taliban massacred innocent people, beheaded humans like animals, unleashed suicide bombers upon women and children, attacked the armed forces of Pakistan but I didn't hear a single word of condemnation from Imran. I hear condemnation from Imran Khan of Pakistan Army on killing these terrorists. I don't know what are his actual motives but I saw him go the extra mile in trying to register a criminal case against an ethnic political party's head in London. On the other hand, he did not even utter a word of condemnation against the brutalities of Taliban. This is what we call double standards. I request the media not to air the views of Imran Khan as he is misleading the innocent people of Pakistan even at this critical stage when we are fighting the battle for the survival of our nation. -AMIN SHEERAZI, Abbotabbad, October 28.