One can differ from the political agenda of Jamaat-e- Islami, but nobody can accuse them of the sin of changing. Before the creation of Pakistan this theocratic outfit bitterly opposed the idea of the new state and even invented the epithet of Kafir-e-Azam (Great Unbeliever) for Quaid-e-Azam. Even before 1947, this religio-political party was against the concept of democracy. After Partition of the subcontinent, the Jamaat supported almost every authoritarian regime, shall we say, religiously? Be it in the name of Nizam-e-Mustafa, PNA, IJI and any other guise or mask, this self-anointed group of moral preachers stood solidly behind the status quo. True to it's tradition, Jamaat is now creating confusion on Kerry-Lugar Bill to lend moral support to terrorists. JI is consistent in it's refusal to condemn suicide bombers, unconditionally. Instead it hides it's soft corner for extremists by dumping the entire blame on America, India and Israel. While JI does not believe in modern democracy it has staged a dubious referendum on KLB to dupe the people into believing that this is the only party which can guard the national interests of this country .The Jamaat sponsored referendum against KLB is an exercise in insanity and a cruel joke with the nation at war against misguided killers of their own country men. If this party truly believes in the power of the ballot it should try it's luck in the next general elections and prove it's real strength at the hustings. JI has lost it's rudders after Washington and GHQ have both abandoned the outdated dance with dictatorial regimes. Without the traditional umbrella on it's head, the JI has gone berserk and is out to sow confusion and doubt in minds of the people. Denuded of the cover of it's erstwhile sponsors, JI is virtually acting as the political wing of the TTP and continuing it's voyage of vengeance against the country which it outwardly claims to serve. I strongly differ from the agenda of JI but I can not help admiring it's unbroken consistency as a 'nemesis of Pakistan'. May I ask JI chief Munawar Hassan whether (a) he is prepared to condemn suicide bombers without ifs and buts or (b) he considers suicide bombing consistent with Islam or (c) he supports peace in South Asia? (d)Does he still believe that militancy can solve the problem of Kashmir? (e)What makes his party different from TTP and Al Qaida ideologically? (f) Does suicide bombing not provide an incentive to USA to remain in our region indefinitely? -B. A. MALIK, Islamabad, October 28.