LAHORE - The most controversial issue Musharraf trial on which PML-N leadership had to tone down its rhetoric on the dictation of foreign friends will not be part of high profile meeting between US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and PML-N Quaid Nawaz Sharif scheduled to be held Thursday (today) here at Raiwind. According to close aide of Nawaz Sharif, agenda of Nawaz-Hillary meeting laid down with the consultation of US dignitaries excluded the issue of Musharraf trial winking at profound concern repeatedly vented by Nawaz Sharif. He said content of the discussion forwarded by PML-N leader carried the issue of persecuting former President General Musharraf under high treason case. However, US officials removed the issue from the final draft of agenda of meeting, he added. The issues that will top in the list of agenda include US support to Pakistan to combat terrorism, utilities of drone attacks, Kerry-Lugar Law, American help in energy crisis, SWA army operation, IDPs and rehabilitation work in SWAT, he explained. A US official seeking anonymity told The Nation that US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton came to Pakistan as a friend to support the democratically-elected government and the people of Pakistan. He said entire world would be watching Hillary Clinton, as her trip to Pakistan was perhaps one of the most important trips she had made since she assumed the office. He said during the meeting Hillary would bring a message of friendship and support to Pakistan, which was under tremendous pressure at this time after Kerry-Lugar Act. She will discuss and focus on the real needs of the Pakistani people, he added. He said Hillary Clinton will also discuss the refugees and IDP issues as well. When talked to PML-N senator Pervaiz Rashid, replied that PML-N Quaid Nawaz Sharif would accord warm welcome to Hillary Clinton when she would visit him at his residence today. He said besides other matters, war on terrorism and KLB would be the top of agenda. He said Nawaz would express his concern over the Kerry-Lugar Act. Another senior leader said Nawaz would also urge the US to halt drone strikes in Pakistan, saying the practice was posing negative impacts in the region. He said Nawaz would ask the US to come ahead to help bring the country out of crises. Praising his countrys efforts in bringing peace and stability in the region, Nawaz Sharif would tell Pentagon about Pakistans role in war on terror and extremism can not be overlooked, he added. He said Nawaz would also discuss about NRO, 17th amendment and other contentious issues. He said Nawaz Sharif was also interested to ask the US that Obama team could play an effective role in the resolution of Kashmir dispute as per aspirations of the people of Kashmir.