HILARY Swank hates being followed by the paparazzi - but she puts up with it because its part of her job as Hollywood star. The actress says the attention from celebrity snappers makes her life feel like a circus but she has little sympathy for her celebrity peers who complain. Sometimes you do feel a little bit like youre in a circus, she said. I guess its when things become more personal. And youre like, 'Im just an actor, trying to talk about my love for movies. And you just have to remember how youre doing it. And be in touch with that, really. It is all part of it. Swank, 35, recently revealed that she believes in miracles. I would say I believe in miracles, she told UK newspaper The Independent, especially after seeing where Ive come from and where I am today. A lot of young women - and some men - come up to me and say, 'Youre a reminder to me to not give up my dream. That you dont have to be born into it. SS