ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Peoples Party is caught in Catch-22, as it is not possible for the party to appease its coalition partners as well as the main opposition party PML-N on the issue of constitutional reforms, as all the stakeholders have divergent interests vis-a-vis removing anomalies and distortions from the constitution. Sources in the ruling coalition disclosed to TheNation, Wednesday, that the main stress of PML-Nawaz was revoking of the 17th constitutional amendment from constitution and slashing of presidential powers in favour of Prime Minister and the Parliament. On the other hand ANP, MQM and JUI-F have diverse demands ranging from provincial autonomy, abolition of Schedule 6 and concurrent list from the Constitution, and provision of more funds to provinces from federal divisible pool. The political analysts see the prevailing situation quite complex where the demands from various stakeholders are split in National Finance Commission Award, Constitutional Reforms Committee and Parliamentary Committee on Balochistan. So the concerns of these stakeholders could only be addressed if the NFC Award and proposals of the two parliamentary committees-on constitutional reforms and Balochistan package-be presented and approved simultaneously. The sources in PML-N informed TheNation that in the Oct 26 Nawaz-Zardari meeting the latter had pledged to do away with 17th Amendment from the Constitution by December end, but at the same time it would not be possible for the PPP to satisfy the coalition partners in the government namely MQM, ANP and JUI-F. These parties have diverse demands and expectations from the Constitutional Reforms Committee of the Parliament. The sources in Awami National Party (ANP) informed that their party was interested in getting the NWFP renamed as Pakhtoonkhawa and more provincial autonomy while JUI-F besides more provincial autonomy wanted to get their concerns regarding some Islamic clauses in the Constitution properly addressed. The sources further said that MQM also wanted provincial autonomy while their major demand was to keep the incumbent local government system intact. All the three parties wanted more allocation in the federal divisible pool and abolition of concurrent list and deletion of Schedule 6 from the constitution. The sources said that all these parties were least interested in the implementation of the Charter of Democracy (CoD), an agreement signed between Mian Nawaz Sharif and Shaheed Benazir Bhutto when both of them were in exile. On the other hand the Baloch nationalist leaders have demands and according to the sources, the Balochistan package alone was not sufficient to satisfy them. To address their concerns simultaneous presentation of NFC Award, Balochistan Package and constitutional amendments to be proposed by the parliamentary committee on constitutional reforms were required. The sources said that it would be a difficult task for Pakistan Peoples Party to appease all the stakeholders in the given situation as they have diverse interests and demands, which could not be addressed by just introducing constitutional reforms or presenting Balochistan Package. All the three needed to be presented simultaneously, they further said.