KARACHI - The United States, the so-called champion of human rights has scant regard for the humanity and it has wrecked havoc with the meaning of justice and humanity. The wife of Abdul Basit alias Ramzi Yousaf expressed these views during an exclusive talk with TheNation during her visit to Karachi from Zahidan, Iran here on Wednesday. The double standards and injustice of the US is evident from her strong bias towards the Ramzi Yousafs family, she alleged, adding that the family has been suffering agony for the last 16 years. According to her Ramzi, an alleged plotter of the World Trade Centre (WTC) bombing in 1993 in which some six people were killed, has been in solitary confinement for the last 15 years. She feared that his protracted isolation could be harmful because there isnt any law in the world to allow longer than a month solitary confinement. Ramzi, who was arrested from Islamabad, Pakistan on February 7, 1995, was extradited to the US on February 8 and was indicted on November 12, 1997. It is to be noted that other high profile alleged terrorists detained in Guantanamo Bay, have many more facilities because of the human right watch and media reports. Ramzis wife said the US authorities have even allowed live chat (video conference) to inmates of Gitmo with their families. While the exchange of photographs and letters have also been taken place frequently that give satisfaction to both the accused and their families, she maintained. She lamented that when it came to Ramzi, his only 25 letters in the last 15 years have been allowed to reach the family, most of which reached during his trial. She pointed out that at the time of his arrest, local and the US agencies had warned the family of dire consequences besides restraining them from contacting the media. Despite frequent threats, we have tried to contact him by various means as we send him letters but we dont know either he (Ramzi) got anyone of them or not and also phoned to Supermax prison, in Florence, but the jail authorities always declined to cooperate, she revealed. She said because of the frequent phone calls, the Jail administration gave the phone to an agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) some five months ago. The FBI agent showed some sort of flexibility, stating that she has to get a mobile phone connection in her name and a separate house then we will arrange a telephonic conversation, she said, adding that it was conditional to keep it secrete and it would be done after a complete surveillance by the FBI agents. She lamented that she had done whatever he told her but there was not any response since that day. She also said that they have contacted various human rights organisations but every organisation seemed reluctant to take up the issue. She recalled that a year ago, International Red Cross had taken away a letter with assurance of a reply from Ramzi but it was unable to fulfil the commitment. To a question, she said she married Ramzi in 1991 and has two daughters, one was just a year-old while the younger daughter was not even born when Ramzi was arrested. She said that her daughters always pray for a chance to meet their father alive despite his life imprisonment of 240 years. She also expressed her concern that she was unable to help her daughters get education because of the poor financial position. Ramzi had a strong wish to give her children quality education, she revealed, adding that she could only lament and do nothing more than that as she is very helpless. It is worth mentioning here that the family of Ramzi Yousaf is facing serious problems as almost all male family members are detained in the US. Likewise, Ali Bin Abdul Aziz alias Abu Ammar Balochi, the brother-in-law of Yousaf (his wifes brother) has been languishing in Guantanamo Bay along with Khalid Shaikh Muhammad (KSM), the maternal uncle of Ramzi, booked for their alleged involvement in 9/11 attacks. On the other hand, one of the brothers of Ramzi namely Abdul Karim was abducted by secret agencies and remained missing for several years. While Ramzis another brother Abdul Qadir was abducted twice and detained for around three years each time. Moreover, the wife of Ali Bin Abdul Aziz, Dr Affia Siddique had recently been shown in the custody of America after a long time. She appealed to the US government that if it felt respect and regard for humanity it must take pity on her daughters and at least arrange Ramzis meeting with his daughters. Look, it is the responsibility of both the US and Pakistani governments to ensure that exchange of letters, photographs and contacts through other means take place between Ramzi and his family, especially his daughters, she asserted.