The terror incidents in NWFP have been turning increasingly strange and bizarre. It seems the terrorists have run out of options to strike as targets have run out. There are no more targets to choose in NWFP. That is the reason they hit the Motorway and killed Inspector Shah Iran of NWFP police. IG Motorway said on a channel that they had prior information of a silver grey car on the prowl and even had the license plates of the car in question. Still they could not catch the bad guys. Maybe the intelligence people don't mind blood of the NWFP citizens being shed as 10,000 from this province have died against only 100 from Punjab. Why was the reported car allowed to enter the Motorway when Exit and Entrance points have cameras and even the car ticket carries the number on the plate. That is an enormous security breach. The media cleverly hid these facts from the people of Pakistan, which I think, is a great disservice. These kind of facts are cause of concern for the people of NWFP. It creates the impression that security agencies are more vigilant while protecting the province of Punjab and lax in case of smaller provinces. This fact was also underscored by the recent bombing at Swan restaurant of Peshawar. -DR. KHURRUM SHAUKAT YUSAFZAI, Peshawar, October 27.