ISLAMABAD- Kopy Kat Production presented a comedy stage play Flight 420 at the auditorium of Pakistan National Council of the Arts (PNCA) here the other day which brought laughters at the faces of terrorism-hit residents of the Capital. Flight 420, produced by Dawar Mehmood and directed by Shafqat Khan, has been produced with the aim that although city was severely hit by terrorists, especially during recent weeks, and there was a hard time yet not matter and life should goe on. The play starts with the Jigs beautiful dialogue My grandmother gave that ring to my mother who gave it to me and I would offer it to my fiancTe. Mr Jig, who was the central character of the play, performed its character very beautifully which forced the audience to open their jaws with laughter again and again. He gave Islamabadis some funny moments in its role embedded in him as a comedian actor. In the play, Mr Jigs flirts with three girls who work as airhostess in different air companies and he offers his ring to every girl as his fiancTe. Besides this, he also betrays his real fiancTe saying, He had great love for her. Mehreen Hira and Esha are the charters as airhostesses whom Jig flirts and all the characters justified their roles in the play and the audience could not help laughing at the beautiful dialogues performed by the characters. Sumbal, the real fiancTe of Mr jigs in the play whose character was a source of complete recreation for the audience as well as Mr Zain, a friend of Mr jigs, through its imposing voice and versatile character entertained the audience. Rocket, Rais Mukaram Chandio and Sandy were the other characters in the play. Rocket, the domestic servant of Jigs through his simplicity saying every dialogue with tongue out of his mouth made its character remarkable. Chandio, the boss of Jig with long hair every time disturbed the private life of Jigs forcing the people to laugh every time. Sandy, the second main character in the play as a cook of jigs, who entertains every girl friend of his boss remarkable and made his character amazing through his funny dialogues and pranks. At the end, audiences joy knew no bounds when reality disclosed on all the girl friends of jigs and he had to feel embarrassed.