ISLAMABAD - Voicing serious concern over non-conforming use of residential quarters in Islamabad, traders community of the city appealed to the Chief Justice of Pakistan to take action against the evil as he did against commercial use of CDA farmhouses. The traders also warned the CDA to curb the violation, else they would resort to protest. We have planned to affix banners and stage sit-in in front of every residential quarter used for commercial purposes if the CDA was not able to take action against the violators within two weeks, Malik Sohail, President of Traders Welfare Association, Blue Area, said while talking to TheNation. Foreign missions, schools and hostels and the various kinds of commercial activities in residential areas have put peoples security and ease and peace at stake but no one cares despite the fragile security environment of the country. We are going to protest in front of CDA building and write a letter to the Chief Justice of Pakistan to rescue the capital city, Malik said. We have also invited NGOs, students and civil society to join hands with traders to fight the commercial terrorism, Munawwar Mughal, former president of Islamabad Chambers of Commerce and Industries, said. He said no record of dwellers of guesthouses and hostels is maintained, which fuels terrorism. He said he knew hostels where foreign students were residing without any check. The clubs and guesthouses host unethical activities right at our doorstep in connivance with the authorities concern, Mughal complained. The gravity of the problem increases with each passing day, as the number of residential units used for commercial purposes in Islamabad has crossed the figure of 800. The CDA is helpless against the influential violators, a senior official of the Authoritys Building Control Department once confessed to this correspondent. The violators also take benefit of the prolonged and cumbersome procedures for checking the violations. Sometimes owners willingly rent out their residential property for commercial use for higher rents. But there are also cases where the violators betrayed owners by acquiring property for residential purposes and using the same for commercial purposes. It was some seven years back that some Chinese nationals rented a house for residential purposes in Sector F-7/1 along the main Nazimuddin Road on 10 years lease and later opened a club in it. Owner of the property, Ghulam Muhammad Bari, who used to be a respected businessman in Ireland, remained protesting over the violation of agreement but to no avail. After getting disappointed, he sued his tenants in Civil Court, Islamabad, but it is yet to take up the case despite lapse of a couple of years time. Now the situation is that that his renters do not even allow him to enter the house, narrated Malik Sohail. There are numerous examples of such deceits, he added. He further said that influential people running their businesses in residential areas not only evade taxes but also use electricity and gas at domestic tariffs. Most of these businesses are situated on opposite sides of Jinnah Super Market, Super Market, F-8 and F-10 Markaz, he said. This discrimination has also created a sense of deprivation among the taxpayer traders, Malik complained.