For the first time, there is an official admission by Indias investigating agency, the Rajasthan Anti-Terrorism Squad, that the February 19, 2007 bombing in the Lahore-bound Samjhauta Express and April 14, 2006 blasts inside Jamia Majid Delhi, and various similar attacks in Ajmer Sharif, Malegaon, Makkah Masjid in Hyderabad, etc, were the handiwork of Hindu terrorists, and not Muslims as was widely trumpeted by the Indian media. This also exposes as to how Hemnat Kurkures murder was planned to conceal facts about the Mumbai attack, its planners and perpetrators. In another major development, the Indians have concluded that David Colemann Headley was a CIA-FBI agent and also had relations with Abinav Bharat, the Hindu terrorist group active in terror attacks across India. Who was Headley? The report compiled by Indian journalist Feroze Mithiborwala of the renowned Indian establishments website says, Headley is a mass murderer, an FBI/CIA Agent now being protected and shielded by the Obama administration. Another well known Indian analyst B. Raman in his analysis in South Asia Analysis Group has also established Headleys links with FBI and CIA. Facts reveal that CIA-RAW planted Headley in the LeT as a motivated and emotional American Muslim. Through his skills, he later succeeded in forming his own unnamed group and used it for attack on Indian Parliament in 2001 and 26/11 attacks in Mumbai as well. Headley was mysteriously arrested by 'CIA, soon after a plot under his supervision was foiled to 'transfer some dirty bomb inside India. Headley is now in American custody, from where he is coughing out 'desired leaks to implicate Pakistan. But ironically enough this has perturbed Indians against whom Mr Colemann Headley is 'revealing facts, which the US can use to extract its national designs. Until Headleys 'interrogation-revelations proved friendly for Delhi, the Indian government had had no objection with Headley but now they have started disowning him. Mithiborwalas report stresses that David Headley is a CIA asset and they have invested a lot of their precious resources in training him and therefore they are going to atrocious levels to protect him. Thus under the cover of the American judicial system, Headley will disappear into prisons, soon acquire a new identity; newspapers and documents, passports and visas, credit cards and bank accounts...a new identity and will resurface, doing what he is best at, a terrorist-drug dealer-mercenary. This all helps establish that, like Samjhauta Express and other bombings, the Mumbai terror attack was also 'stage-managed with its collaborators in the know. The dead body of Kurkure still tells that hidden tale. F Z KHAN, Islamabad, October 25.