MULTAN Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani has maintained that the PPP believes in politics of reconciliation and it has no differences with PML-N and MQM. Talking to journalists at Bahauddin Zakariya University after inaugurating newly constructed Gillani Law College on Thursday, the Premier dispelled the impression that PPPs talks with 'Q League were aimed at exerting any pressure on its allies. The dialogue with 'Q League is part of our reconciliatory politics and not a tactic to put pressure on PML-N and MQM, he asserted. He categorically declared that the PPP had no differences with the Nawaz League and MQM. We want to take all political powers along with us. We dont want to turn our back towards any political party, he added. He said the PPP was in contact with MQM and they had full trust in government. He said reports that the government was distancing itself from MQM and Nawaz League were no more than rumours. Replying to another question, Gilani said an indiscriminate action would be taken against the NRO-tainted officers. When asked about Nawaz Sharifs statement in which he warned the government to mend its ways or get ready for facing public wrath, Gilani smiled and said he might have talked about the Punjab government. To a query about Transparency International report that showed Pakistans ranking 34th position among the most corrupt countries, the Prime Minister said: No comments. He said it was a good omen that the media started saying that the conspiracies against the government had ended. Answering a question on flood relief operation, he said the government had already launched this operation by giving Rs 20,000 to each flood-hit citizen. Were going to extend this operation in coming days. Well extend more financial assistance to the affectees so that they can rebuild their homes, he added. Earlier, the Prime Minister observed that Pakistan owed a lot to the legal community as the founding father of the country, Quaid-e-Azam, was a renowned lawyer, who led Pakistan Movement and succeeded in achieving a separate homeland for Muslims of the Sub-continent through democratic and legal struggle. Even in the recent past, our legal community played an important role in restoration of democracy and rule of law in the country, he added while addressing the faculty members and students of Bahauddin Zakariya University. He said the promotion of legal education and strengthening of legal institutions was very important for the progress of the society. The Premier maintained that the legal education played a critical role in egalitarian society as it promoted awareness on public rights and obligations. Unfortunately in Pakistan, the legal education system has not received the kind of attention it deserves, he regretted, adding that no serious efforts had been made to reform the key areas of legal education, particularly the underlying structural matters. He said a weak legal system continued to make pernicious impact on state of justice service delivery in the country. As a result the economic development and overall performance of system of governance have been adversely affected, he added. Meanwhile, Gilani admitted the country was facing a plethora of problems including price hike, unemployment and shortage of electricity, saying the government was making all-out efforts to cope with these issues. The people expressed their trust by electing us. Now it is our utmost responsibility to resolve their problems, he said, as he vowed to fulfil all promises. He said this while addressing a ceremony after inaugurating 'Sweet Home Project launched by Pakistan Bait-ul-Maal for handicapped citizens. Gilani said the govt would try to waive off the electricity and gas bills of handicapped citizens while proposals for health and life insurance would also be considered seriously. Later on, the premier inaugurated a new flyover at Chungi No-9 and saw off the pilgrims of a Haj flight from Multan Airport.