LAHORE - Pakistan Poultry Association (PPA) has asked the government to remove regulatory duty from maize imports and do not include poultry industry in reformed general sales tax regime. PPA North Zone Chairman Abdul Haye Mehta said that poultry industry was a highly organised sector and such measures likely to prove counter productive, which ultimately increase the price of white meat. He, along with other poultry industry experts, was addressing to the members of Agriculture Journalists Association here. PPA Chairman said poultry industry was governed by the free market principles and the whole supply chain - from grand parents to boiler - was quite stable. There should be no interference from the government side to distort the free market mechanism as had never been favourable for any industry. PPA former Chairman Abdul Basit said that poultry industry needed some 2.18 million tonnes of maize for poultry feed while the country produce some 3.6 million tonnes that was being consumed by poultry sector, maize industry and domestic consumers. The commodity was insufficient for domestic needs. If the government removes regulatory duty on maize imports it would not only ensure the easily availability. He believed that it would not affect the farmers as the maize price in international was equivalent to local price. Responding to allegations of cartelisation, poultry industry experts complained that Competition Commission of Pakistan (CCP) was not willing to hear the industry viewpoint. They argued that recent increase in the price of chicken meat was only because of demand and supply gap. They dispelled the impression that some politicians were manipulating white poultry prices. PPA former Chairman Raza Mahmood Khursand explained that PML-N, PML-Q and PPP leaders had stakes in poultry industry but there share in poultry trade was negligible. None of them could manipulate market as no one had more than 300,000 birds at one time while the domestic consumption was around 3.9 million birds per day. PPA leaders said poultry industry had faced some Rs 8 billion loss owing to devastating floods this year because some 6,000 poultry farms had been washed away. However, they believed that it would not affect the price of poultry meat as the new stocks had been placed already. They asked the government if it could not compensate the loss it should offer soft loans to poultry industry. Responding to a query, PPA Dr M Mustafa Kamal said that it was a misconception that broiler chicken was given hormones for faster growth and it was harmful for human consumption. It was the genetic potential of this breed, he added.