We have experienced numerous democratic regimes. Under every democracy the rulers lived in seventh heaven and the masses lived seven storeys underground. Unfortunately, the current democracy has been more tragic for the masses than any of our past democracies. If we are genuinely concerned about the miserable plight of the masses, then we would have to discard our traditional democracy and fill the vacuum with a masses-loving democracy. Our traditional democracy has always loved the rulers and hated the masses. It enjoyed pouring national wealth into the rulers pockets and pouring misery into the masses throats. The two 'pourings were not done by democracy at the rulers command. Every democracy loved serving the rulers and vandalising the masses. Our traditional democracy is the most profitable industry for the traditional politicians. In order to relieve our masses of their misery, we would have to create a brand new democracy, which is not an exclusive property of the rich classes. Currently, every citizen is free to fight for a parliamentary seat, but the fighting is a fabulously expensive affair. Only a small fraction of the entire population can afford the expenses. Thus, only rich Pakistanis become parliamentarians. The masses keep looking miserably at the outer walls of Parliament. They keep on looking and looking till their life tenure expires. The problems of the masses can be solved only by devising some mechanism, which opens the parliamentary gates for the masses. Here is a suggestion. Various Pakistanis belong to various professions. There are industrialists. There are doctors. There are engineers. There are teachers. There are lawyers. There are rickshaw drivers. There are vendors. There are skilled and unskilled labourers. There are grave diggers, etc, etc. Each profession should be represented in Parliament by the professionals belonging to that profession. Thus, the tonga walas should be represented by the tonga walas. The peasants should be represented by the peasants. The grave diggers should be represented by the grave diggers, etc, etc. How can an affluent MP understand the problems of a peasant when he himself has never been a peasant? And how can a rich MP understand the problems of a grave digger when he himself has never been a grave digger? Only a specific professional can understand the problems of the people belonging to that profession. Obviously, our labourers (both skilled and unskilled) far outnumber our highly skilled professionals like doctors and engineers. Lets have a democracy which allocates parliamentary seats to each profession according to its numerical strength. Let us call this democracy Professional Democracy. Obviously, under such a democracy the labouring class would enjoy a large majority in Parliament as compared with the other classes. But if the professional democracy fails to resolve the ages old problems of our masses we need not be depressed. We should create some other brand of democracy. But even if we fail to create another brand one thing is definite. We must get rid of our traditional democracy. What our traditional democracy has done to the masses even the lions have never done to the weaker animals of the jungle. If we get rid of our traditional democracy, but no substitute is available, we need not worry. A Pakistan without any sort of governing system would be better for the masses than it has been under our traditional democracy. A Pakistan without a governing system would be a paradise for the masses. The masses would look after themselves. The rulers would be miserably jobless. The masses would enjoy the ex-rulers misery. If the masses run the country, the traditional democracy would flee the land. What would the traditional politicians do? Would they surrender to the situation? Never Rather they would discard their traditional political robes and put on the robes of the masses. The masses would have to be extremely cautious. They would have to be watchful that not a single traditional politician surreptitiously gets into their ranks. Only by keeping the traditional politicians away from their governing system, can the masses get rid of their ages old misery. The writer is an academic.