Russia successfully carried out a new test of an intercontinental missile, state news agency RIA reported on Friday, which Moscow hopes to make the cornerstone of its nuclear missile programme over the next decade.Fired from a submarine in the waters near Russias border with Finland, the 12-metre long Bulava, or Mace, missile successfully hit its target some 6,000 kilometers (3,370 miles) away in the peninsula of Kamchatka in Russias far east. The parameters of the rockets trajectory was up to standard. The re-entry vehicle was delivered to its ... target in Kamchatka, a Ministry of Defence spokesperson said. Military analysts saw Fridays test of the Bulava, which had failed seven of 13 trials, as a crucial hurdle in proving the reliability of the missile as a mainstay of the Russian army. Further failures of the missile were expected to prompt fundamental changes to the costly project. The Bulava missiles are designed to be fitted on the Russian Borei class of submarines.