LAHORE - The victory of Asma Jahangir as Supreme Court Bar Association president may be another challenge coming her way on account of the current judicial-executive strain and the PPP stakes to get over it by any means. It is indeed beyond any doubt that Asma Jahangir had throughout played a non-partisan and objective role regarding human rights mission wherein she hardly let her personal choice of a govt sneak in. She not only enjoys global popularity for her rights activity but also as a lawyer. As she hardly came to any bar office in the past, the prestigious office of the SCBA is going to be a new ball game for her besides a challenge testing her nerves and acumen. It is true despite her efforts to pose herself a non-partisan and neutral during the election campaign, she was dubbed by her rivals as government-fielded candidate. This occasioned for the reason that many big names in the legal fraternity and affiliated with the PPP government openly sought votes for her. It may be a means to give catharsis to the pent up fury or a ploy to remain in the eyes of the government for any other big official assignment that majority of the judges appointed by the PPP government and sacked by the present judiciary terming them PCO-affected, were also backing Asma during her campaign. Moreover, a new group comprising Justice (r) Tariq Mahmood, Ali Ahmad Kurd, and Munir A Malik also actively campaigned for Asma. This group was disgruntled with the Professional Group led by Hamid Khan which despite playing a key role in the movement, failed to stay in good books of the said leaders for giving all out support to the present judiciary which they termed as motivated. Next are the bar elections at other tiers which are more broader and wider with regard to the number of voters, and the Professional Group is certainly going to field its candidates therein. Given the fact that she earned the victory with a thin margin, it cannot be said that rival candidates of the Professional would get a walkover after its defeat in the SCBA. Not that but the judiciary is also going to have some major changes by virtue of retirement of some judges and termination of one year period of an ad hoc judge in the SC. The most important aspect of the matter is highly important cases before the SC, and the SCs unabated suo moto notice to the government corruption, illegally made appointments and the administrative wrongdoings and the rulers disquietude over it. Another factor also needs to be reckoned that powerful elite anywhere in the system, would hardly give countenance to a totally independent and assertive judiciary for the fears it would expose the skeletons in their cupboard. In this situation, Asma gave very positive and encouraging remarks that the bar under her, would not play for any political party or any judge. And she would be assessed by the observed on the touchstone how much she maintains this neutrality while leading the bar strictly fighting for the rule of law and supremacy of the constitution. Being a human rights activist she is well aware of the plight of the people and flaw in the system whereof rights of the masses are being trampled by the rich. As such, it would not be hard for her to assimilate solution to their problems with their legal rights. It has been observed by certain recent incident that legal fraternity would not accept any executive action which goes to curtail the powers of the judiciary or undermine its role. And she will also need to take this into account. PML(N), PPP, ANP, MQM and even Musharrafs APML have congratulated her, knowing her international stature and legal acumen.