LAHORE - The authorities are failed to address the problem of rising number of drug addicts who are using several graveyards, shrines, parks and footpaths of the provincial metropolis as their permanent abode as well as these places have become a 'haven for the drug barons causing massive nuisance for the citizens. We like to choose the safer places so that no body could 'disturb us, an addict expressed his inner feelings and describing reason to choose some place away from the reach of their kiths and kin while talking to this scribe. No one can interfere in our matters in graveyards and hidden corners in parks, says Allah Dita, 45, wandering in Miani Sahib graveyard. Another group of addicts resided in an addicts den, situated behind Data Ganj Bakhsh shrine said the police ignore them, as they were harmless. Pubic parks including Yadgar, parks in vicinity of Badshahi Mosque and Lahore Fort and Jinnah Garden and graveyards including Miani Sahib, Gora Qabaristan near Data Darbar, Munshi at Band Road and Sanda Kalan are considered as second home of the addicts. Most of the addicts come out at night and start their 'activities. It is a mystery that where they escape in daylight and from where they get drugs. The visitors of shrines including Data Sahib, Sher Shah, Baba Chattri Wala, Pir Makki and Sabir Piya were of the view that the police know the drug dealers who provide drugs to the addicts. They said the police earn a lot from drug-sellers by allowing them to sale the poison. They said most of the addicts were involved in crimes like theft and snatching and some time they kill anyone just to gain something to purchase their 'needs. Talking to TheNation, Capital City Police Officer Muhammad Aslam Tareen said that the police was not solely responsible to control the problem but other institutions should also play their role to control this menace. He confessed that some black sheep in the police department were backing the drug barons. Assistant Director Local Government and member of Graveyard Committee Rana Naseem said they had not sufficient staff at graveyards to stop entrance of the addicts in the graveyards. Several times, we had launched operation against the addicts but after some days they again come to graveyards. Thin presence of the people at graveyards was another reason, which attract the addicts to continue their 'activities. We are working to construct boundary walls around Miani Sahib graveyard to stop the addicts as well as the land grabbers, he added. Associate Prof Institute of Public Heath Dr Zarfishan Tahir said the addicts should be treated as patient not as criminal. Lack of proper care by the parents and company of bad peer group of the children is the basic reason behind drug addiction in child age. However, in case of adult age people like to use it because of bad economic condition and to ignore domestic worries.