Confession of Prime Minister about permission given to USA and NATO for military reconnaissance flights over FATA and Durand line amply proves that we are following a policy of appeasement towards USA and NATO. As a student of history, let me remind our top leadership that this policy of appeasement initiated by Gen Musharraf and still being followed will result in total disaster for national sovereignty. Our existence is under threat. We must change this policy immediately. Unless we defy, resist and get ready to fight foreign intrusions, God forbids we may cease to exist as a nation. Acts of violence including bomb attacks are used as an excuse to wage war on tribesmen and gradually expand operations in Pakistan. Step by step, we are losing our sovereignty. Billions of dollars of aid are nothing but deception. It is being given to make us believe that USA and Pakistan are friends, so that we do not raise voice against US barbarism and violation of our sovereignty. Further attacks by USA and NATO would result in total collapse of our economy which is already on the brink of disaster. We would not be able to act and survive as a nation unless we pick up the guts to face the truth. LT COL(R) AIZAZ HAIDER, Lahore, October 24.