I would like to write about the conduct of media, especially the electronic media. Private channels have mushroomed everywhere in Pakistan. Some of them are working without any rules and regulations. They criticize everybody in the country, without any norm, or prior investigation. They are violating the privacy of the people, which is the fundamental right of every citizen. The plea of media is that they telecast the facts and reality of life. There are many facts and realities which are not discuss openly. Can we discuss the aspects of domestic life and interpersonal relations on Tv Channels? Instead of criticizing everything it is better to give some solution. On the other hand electronic media invites only a selected group of politicians whom are seen again and again. It is disgusting and painful to see few of them who do not know how to talk and behave on air. Majority of the people are fed up from these talk shows. It is sickening to see some of these illiterate political leaders talking and giving suggestions on politics. MAJOR ANWAR PASHA (RETD), Lahore, October 24.