The US State Department said the issue raised over stopping the Pakistan Tehrik-i-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan at Toronto airport has been solved.

Imran Khan was stopped in Toronto airport by US immigration officials and questioned about his views on American drone strikes in his country.

Khan, who was headed to New York, said he was stopped by US officials in Toronto on Friday. "I was taken off from plane and interrogated by US Immigration in Canada on my views on drones," he wrote on Twitter.

"My stance is known. Drone attacks must stop."

Khan said the delay meant he missed his flight and a party fundraising lunch in New York, but insisted "nothing will change my stance".

"My stand on drones is very clear. I did not say sorry to them," Khan told a private news channel.

Ali Zaidi, a senior party leader demanded "a prompt and thorough inquiry into this sordid episode" and sought "an unconditional apology from the US government".

Meanwhile according to a statement issued by the State Department after two days of the incident, the issue pertaining to restraining Khan at the Toronto airport has been solved and the department welcomes Khan in America.

The State Department admitted that they were aware of Khan’s offloading and questioning by the US officials.

A spokeswoman for the US State Department confirmed the incident.

"We are aware that Imran Khan was briefly delayed in Toronto before boarding the next flight to the United States," she told Pakistani media. "The issue was resolved. Mr Khan is welcome in the United States."