RAWALPINDI - The ‘One-Link’ facility provided at different bank branches of Allied Bank Limited (ABL) is not meant for the customers operating their accounts in other public and private sector banks, which is reflective from the behaviour meted out to visiting clients.

Automated Teller Machine (ATM) cards are considered one of the most secure, reliable and prompt way of getting money especially in emergencies or traveling in any part of the country, but these create a horrible situation when someone’s card is captured in dire need of money and officials concerned multiply it instead of facilitating.

A similar case happened when a National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) client attempted to use his ATM card at the ABL’s Model Town Humak Branch at around 6:00 p.m. as he was short of money to purchase medicines for a family member suffering from brain tumor.

The NBP card was captured, while ABL account holders were making successful transactions and withdrawing cash without any hassle.

Muhammad Aslam, the NBP client, told The Nation on Monday that he in morning approached the Bank Manager and requested to return the captured card and submitted a copy of his national identity card but the official flatly refused to entertain. Contrary to Banks’ stated business-friendly policy, the official set aside the narrated urgency saying that his bank is not responsible for ATM cards of other banks used here and “We only deal with ABL clients,  go to your NBP branch to collect the captured card.”

The complainant asked the official that earlier twice he had collected the captured card by submitting a copy of national identity card but the reply was precise and intentional-irritating that the policy has changed now - a visible punishment for being the client of other bank.

One of security guards standing at the bank branch said he witnessed a number of ATM users complaining about the card-capture during last two days; interestingly all were other than the ABL. Had you any link or source in the bank, you would have been handed over the ATM card even without submitting the CNIC copy, another visitor told the complainant.

The complainant has requested the quarters concerned to take notice of non-friendly attitude of the bank’s official, who is working against the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) policy to satisfy and facilitate customers.

When contacted, Bank Manager Muhammad Rizwan denied the impression of any discriminatory treatment with ATM card holders, saying that all captured cards other than ABL are sent to respective bank branches of account holders for further proceeding.