LOS ANGELES-Amanda Seyfried lost her temper when a female fan tried to take a picture of her during a yoga class.

The actress was working out in a Sunset Blvd, and freaked out when another woman in the class abruptly whipped out her cell phone and snapped several rapid-fire shots of the star getting herself into a twist – while rudely firing a flash in her face, according to American tabloid the National Enquirer.

Seyfried reportedly told the woman, “I’m trying to unwind and take a simple yoga class. Can’t you just respect that… and put your cell phone AWAY?!”

The woman went bright red, and the yoga instructor chimed in and said, “I’m sorry, too…but you’ll have to leave my class RIGHT NOW!” Amanda - who’s believed to be dating Justin Long - has previously revealed her parents’ marriage has convinced her that her ‘Mr. Right’ is out there somewhere.

“I have learned from my mom, Ann, the importance of a long relationship,” she said. “She and my dad Jack have been together for more than 30 years. It always gives me hope of a good long-term relationship. “I have had boyfriends and I have been in love. I would never think of being with someone else when I am in a relationship. The result is that I admire people who are able to avoid affairs.

“My mom has an ability to stay calm. She is an occupational therapist and always appears to be in control of a situation. “My mom knew that I suffered from body issues in my teens. I was way too shy. I felt ugly. I was skinny and had braces on my teeth.

Yet I started acting as a kid in the local civic theater just for the fun of it. Then I was asked to become a model in my teens. I don’t know why. It’s a slow process for most of us in our teens.”