LAHORE  - The two-day Children’s Literature Festival (CLF) aims to promote the culture of book reading in children across country will start from tomorrow (Wednesday).

Organised jointly by the  Idara-e-Taleem-o-Aagahi (ITA),  Oxford University Press (OUP)  and Open Society Foundations, this festival hopes to bring together children from different backgrounds to a common platform where they can learn, communicate, interact and participate in fun activities without any biases.

The festival will feature many interesting activities including, theatre, comic workshops, animation, creative writing, illustration of books, plenary sessions, children’s films, puppet shows, story reading, song signing, book launches and book fairs.

Moreover, the festival will also be awarding prizes for the “Story Writing and Poetry Writing Competition” as well as the “Drawing and Painting Competition” for which the CLF received more than 1,500 entries. This year, CLF expects participation from 25,000 children from all over Pakistan.

CLF will also host performers, students and storytellers from across the border to provide an enriching cultural experience for the children and to encourage the exchange of ideas regarding children’s literature and the art of storytelling.

Zambeel Dramatic Readings group (Karachi), a dynamic group that performs on texts in Urdu and English in a dramatized form is also participating in the event, bringing an endearing tale of Naiyer Masud to life. Apart from that, they will be organizing a training session for the children where they will be taught the contemporary form of radio play and dramatic expression of storytelling.