After the ‘City of Lights’ lost Nishat Cinema and Prince Cinema people had no hope for any more entertainment from moviemakers. I thought cinemas had finished in Pakistan and we would have to rely on watching English or Indian movies on DVDs. However, many new cinemas have been built within a short period. The much known Atrium to Cinepax and Nueplex are there to cater to the craving of watching movies on the big screen. These cinemas are screening 2D and 3D movies with amazing sound and ambience. The prices are a bit high but the time spent is worth every rupee. These cinemas are doing business too because the culture is changing. Everyone wants to go to the cinema and watch their favorite movies.

The much appreciable part is of Karachi Metropolitan Corp who supported Cinepax in opening a 300 seated cinema hall in City Auditorium near Aisha Manzil. The cinema caters not only to people of Federal B Area, but also people from Garden, Nazimabad and Gulshan e Iqbal are coming to watch movies at their nearest Cinema. Let’s just hope that the government will keep supporting the investors and the people will have more options of entertainment like they had in 1977 when 110 cinemas were running with full occupancy.


Karachi, October 27.