PESHAWAR - Khyber Pakhtunkhwah Chief Minister Pervez Khattak Monday requested the Supreme Court of Pakistan to take notice of the corruption done by the ANP and particularly of that $35 million allegedly taken by its top leadership from the US as part of a secret deal.

The CM, while referring to the allegations of Senator Azam Hoti against ANP president Asfandyar Wali Khan and Afrasayab Khattak, said the party’s own former leader is accusing top leadership of having a secret deal with the US and gaining $35 million. Moreover, he said that the ANP’s previous government was the hub of corruption and sold jobs, took bribes and awarded contracts after getting commission. Besides, the previous provincial government has looted the province with both hands, Khattak alleged.

The KPK Assembly met with Speaker Asad Qaiser in the chair. Taking the floor first, JUI-F' Mufti Janan raised the issue of not allocating developmental funds to the opposition legislatures. He termed it an injustice with the opposition. He said that as he knew funds have only been released to 68 members who belong to the treasury benches.

Heated debate took place when several parliamentarians jumped into the fray and exchanged loudly arguments causing pandemonium in the House. MPA Shah Hussain said that the PTI has come into power to ensure justice, but it is now doing injustice, which he said was regrettable.

PML-N lawmaker Aurangzen Nalota said that it would be a joke with the opposition if they were ignored. JUI-F’s Maulana Lutfur Rehman said the opposition is concerned because 68 MPAs have been released fund of Rs20 million each, but the opposition is ignored.

In his speech, ANP’s Sardar Hussain Babak said that it was right of the opposition members to get funds. The ruling PTI, he said, had got votes to ensure justice but the situation is contrary to the claims made by the party during elections campaign. He said that if the government did not release funds to them, they would move the courts against the step. He said cracks have developed within the ruling parties as one of them has not been attending assembly session for the last five days. He said the government should not ignore the opposition; otherwise it would be hard enough to run assembly affairs.

KPK Minister Yousuf Ayub said the government withdrew its notification about releasing developmental funds and soon another notification would be issued accommodating both the opposition and treasury benches. During the ANP government, half of the developmental funds had been diverted to the then chief minister hometown Mardan. However, this government would not repeat the practice and each member would get equal share. He also remarked that MPA Sardar Hussain Babak has over acted over the issue. The government has no intention of ignoring the opposition in allocation of the development funds. 

While intervening in the heated debate, the CM spews out his anger over critics of the provincial government and said those who are making allegation on the PTI government should first review the performance of their own government where every issue was handled on the basis of paying commission.

Khattak alleged that during the ANP government, the Chief Minister Secretariat was famous for receiving commission and selling each and every job. “During the last two years of the ANP government when I changed the party, I was not given even a single penny for carrying out development in my respective constituency, Khattak said adding. “Similarly, in the MMA government, my brother hardly got Rs10 million in four years for his respective area.”

“How are you people, who have ignored the opposition in their own stint, asking about the development funds, he reiterated while posing towards Babak. “My past record is clear as I have never embezzled a single penny during my 30-year politics and those who are raising allegations against me should first look at their own conduct" he challenged.

In the same breath, the CM requested the Supreme Court of Pakistan to take notice of the $35 million allegedly taken by the ANP top leadership from the US as part of a secret deal. "I am not making these allegations, the ANP's own former leader Azam Hoti is saying like this" he told the House. "I am not fond of talking too much. So, don't compel me to tell the whole truth".

Referring to the complaints of delay in allocation of the development funds, the CM said cause of delay is because the present government wanted to make the procedure more transparent. “We’ll give Rs20 million to each MPA but for this purpose we are chalking out a transparent procedure.”

Realising emotional mood of the MPs and insistence of Sardar Hussain Babak to allow him to reply to the CM’ speech, Speaker Asad Qaiser hurriedly adjourned the assembly's proceeding for Tuesday afternoon at 3pm.