LAHORE  - Jamaat-e-Islami Deputy Chief and KPK Senior Minister Sirajul Haq on Monday said America wants civil war in Pakistan after its defeat in Afghanistan.

He said that terrorism had ruined the KPK and every nook and corner of the province has become hell. He said the federal government’s mysterious silence depicted its non-seriousness towards talks with the Taliban.

“When we become certain that the federal government is not serious towards the issue, we, the KPK people and government, will do what can we do,” he said.

Addressing National Labour Conference at Aiwan-e-Iqbal held under the aegis of the National Labour Federation (NLF), the KPK senior minister while referring to the drone attacks and terrorism said the people of the province had got tired of lifting dead bodies of their near and dear ones and they were about to lose their patience.

He said five per cent of feudal lords and capitalists had deprived the 95 per cent masses of their right of life. He said the pet dogs of the wealthy were served nice food whereas the children of the poor workers were searching for something to eat from garbage heaps. 

About the LG polls in KPK, he said their government would introduce such a law that would be difference from other province. He said the KPK would be made corruption-free and model province. He pledged that the corrupt official would be made example.

Commenting on PM Nawaz Sharif’s recent visit to the US, he said that the premier did not bother to take into confidence political parties and parliament about the foreign policy before leaving for America.

He said there was no wisdom in privatizing state institutions which actually required to be purged of corruption. He said that corruption to the tune of Rs 12 to 15 billion rupees was going on in the country every day. Does this mean the rulers should sell out the whole country, he asked.

Criticising government’s lackluster efforts to attract foreign investment in the country, the JI deputy chief said in a situation when billions of rupees owned by former president Zardari, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and other politicians and capitalists were lying in foreign banks, why should foreigners invest in this country. He said if 300 billion dollars owned by Pakistanis deposited in foreign banks were transferred to the national banks, the country would neither need foreign investment and foreign aid, nor would we require selling out national institutions.

Sirajul Haq said that the privatization of state institutions in the past had disastrous consequences and had rendered millions of workers jobless. He said the entire economic system of the country had been made a hostage through the multi-national companies.

He said there were three types of terrorism – armed, economic and political. “We condemned all types of terrorism. Armed terrorism was the outcome of economic and political terrorism,” he said.

On the occasion, NLF president Shamsud Din Swati said that the NLF had organised the conference to convey the workers voice to the government on the privatisation issue.  He declared that if the rulers tried to sell out national institutions to their cronies on throwaway prices, they would face tough resistance everywhere.