LAHORE - In the new delimitations carved up by the Punjab government without supervision of the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP), the PPP sees a plan to rig the upcoming local elections.

It is also perturbed over the proposed preparation of voter lists by the government which it says should be compiled under tight scrutiny of the ECP.

The PPP has alleged that new delimitations have been made by taking the PML-N Parliamentarians on board with the obvious purpose of preparing a level playing filed for its prospective candidates.  Its leaders say that Punjab Baitul Maal Minister Atta Manika’s statement that he was not consulted on delimitations in his home town has vindicated PPP’s stance.

“We reject the delimitations of Union Councils and the government-prepared voter lists as the new arrangement would benefit the PML-N candidates”, PPP’s central Punjab President Mian Manzoor Wattoo said while talking to media after chairing a party meeting on Monday.

He said PPP had been stating time and again that the demarcation of new limits of the Union Councils was not the job of Punjab government. This important exercise should have been carried out under ECP’s supervision, he said, adding, that new voter lists prepared y the Punjab government would not be acceptable to the PPP.

Wattoo had also complained earlier that the Opposition parties had not been given enough time to file objection petitions on the new delimitations. Another cause of concern for the PPP was that its petitions were not being entertained, and those admitted for hearing, were not being processed quickly.

It had sought more time to challenge the decisions of delimitation commissioners, but the government had not obliged it.

Wattoo on Monday said that there was no justification for new delimitations as older ones would have served the purpose. To a question, the PPP leader said that talks were underway with the PTI and JI over seat adjustments in the coming Local Bodies elections.

Answering another question, Manzoor said that party leader Raja Riaz had expressed his personal opinion about change of Opposition leader in the Punjab Assembly.