LAHORE - PTI Punjab President Ejaz Ahmed Ch visited different areas including Gujranwala, Kasur and Sheikhupura, chalking out a comprehensive strategy in consultation with the local organisations regarding the local body elections.

He took the leaders on board about the decisions taken in the party’s core committee, and informed them that the senior leadership would visit all divisions to mobilise local organisations for the upcoming elections. He said the PTI would hold its first protest against inflation on November 1 and afterwards, the party is planning to launch a massive campaign across the country after Muharram 10, pressing the government to take backs its decisions of hike in power and POL prices.

Meanwhile, PTI Punjab Secretary Information Andleeb Abbas said the government has still not announced any national security policy and the country’s deteriorating law and order situation is evidence to the fact that the government is not committed to ensure safety of the people. She said the prime minister’s visit to the US was a complete failure as he could not get either trade or confirmation from Washington to stop drone strikes which were now being termed as a war crime worldwide.