LAHORE  - Punjab University Pakistan Study Centre (PSC) on Monday organised a seminar on “Pakistan-China Relations: The Future.”

The keynote speaker was Prof Zhou Rong, a specialist of South Asian Affairs and expert of Pakistan Studies from China and a faculty member of Jiangsu Normal University, Xuzhou, China. Speaking at the Seminar, Prof Zhou Rong said that Pakistan and China were best friends. He compared their friendship with brotherly relations.

Dividing Sino-Pak relations in three parts; strategic, economic and cultural relations, he recalled the past when both countries cooperated in defence field. He highlighted China’s role in Pakistan-India wars and said that these relations were not just confined to joint exercises. Both countries have launched joint military weaponry projects and have been cooperating in development of missile and nuclear systems. Above that, both countries have shared defence policies, he said.

Talking about the economic relationships, he said it was going to be improved further in near future. Both countries on government as well as private level have been joining hands to launch new economic ventures.

Pakistan’s recent proposal for economic corridor from the Shanghai to Gwadar is an important one it would open new venues in fields of economic development of Pakistan. He stressed on enhancing the people to people contact and said that understanding the languages of both sides was an essential for that purpose. He stressed upon students to learn Chinese language so that they could understand about Chinese culture and society.

Pakistan Study Centre Director Prof. Massarrat Abid said that the learning of each other’s language will be most helpful in strengthening the cultural and social bond between the people of the two countries. Tracing the history of the relations of the two countries, she said that the friendship between China and Pakistan had not been confined to the people of both countries regard each other as good friends.

She said that these friendly ties could be strengthened more if people to people contacts are established on regular basis, in this regard, more academic exchanges, initiation of student exchange programmes between universities of China and Pakistan, exchange of cultural delegations will be beneficial.

After the conclusion of seminar, the guest had a meeting with the Prof. Dr. Mujahid Kamran, Vice-Chancellor, University of the Punjab, who also presented his books to the guest.