Further to letter ‘Declining Customer Services in Banks’ published on October 25, in your newspaper we have to admit our ills and curses started with the arrival of Mr Moeen Qureshi, Shaukat Aziz, representing the world’s Banking Mafia. Who were ably assisted by Mohammad Mian Somro, Shaukat Tareen and many others in State Bank and Ministry of Finance to ruin the financial discipline and infrastructure, the music of which we are facing today. The poor customer service experience was faced with Directorate of National Saving, where mostly retired people invest in ‘Behbud Scheme’, regular monthly income, Defence and other saving schemes are regulated without any professional ethics, discipline or norms.

When one enters any branch of National Saving Center they are all shabby and all senior citizen who invest here have to come in regularly to with draw their profit. The check book coupons issued, against each certificate of investment, can’t be deposited or redeemed in any commercial bank account for interbank collection to avoid personal appearance. This creates unwanted crowds at the begging of every month. Why does State bank of Pakistan put its own senior citizens through this demeaning and insulting process it’s hard to imagine?


Karachi, October 26.