Why do our VIP’s need security from their own people? Why is our poor economy and nation burdened in the name of security? If this prevalent VIP culture is not stopped, it may become another big issue. Security for the VIPs causes problems for ordinary folks, even though as Muslim our religion makes no difference between the rich and poor, but in our country some people are given protocol on basis of their status. VIPs of every walk of life, especially politician and army persons are given special security.

I would like to ask, who is a VIP and how much security do they deserve? Police escort for ex-prime minister’s son, police outside their residence 24/7? Is it only the serving politicians or retired and ex’s also who need protection from the same people who elected them? Who does not have an enemy, everyone, from a labourer to a doctor, then why do we have to give only these politicians security?


Rawalpindi, October 24.