LAHORE - Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority yesterday launched countrywide campaign against bird aircraft strike hazard at major airports including Allama Iqbal International Airport Lahore, Benazir Bhutto International Airport Islamabad, and Jinnah International Airport Karachi.

Spokesman for CAA said that the key objective of this campaign is to create awareness about the issue of bird strike on the air craft and its implications on the aviation industry, ensuring safe flight operations at the airports.

Major stakeholders who can help prevent bird activity around airports are general public especially people living around airports and commercial places. Media and local cable operators can also play a pivotal role by creating awareness on the hazards of bird activity which causes aircraft collisions.

He said: “A bird strike defines as a collision between a bird and aircraft which is in flight or on takeoff or landing roll. The term is often expanded to cover the other wildlife strike, i.e. bats or ground animals. Bird strike is common and a significant threat to aircraft safety.”

“In Pakistan, bird strike is also a major issue that needs to be tackled at different levels for air craft safety,” said Fariha Tahir Shah, Campaign Organizer and Joint Director PR at Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority.

“Key message that we want each stakeholder especially people residing or doing business to take away from this campaign is to keep their area clean from garbage and waste around airport sites. We make a strong appeal for a clean environment around airports to help us, keep you and your family safe at all times.”

The Bird Aircraft Strike Hazard campaign comprises of awareness sessions, advertisements, billboards, print, radio and electronic media campaign. Step taken for bird control at the airports include deployment of airside inspectors and bird shooters for scaring birds by means of air sprays on the airfield, use of cartridges, fire crackers and de-nesting. Along with that, inspectors take regular environmental visits to identify bird attractant sources around the airports till 14 KM radius.

The acceptable level of safety (ALOS) as recommended by International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) is 01 bird strike over 2000 flights. Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority consistently runs aircraft safety campaign every year to ensure that the messages are reinforced and appropriate actions are taken by all relevant quarters to maintain and safeguard operations for smooth flow of air traffic.

Mock exercise at airport: A mock security exercise was conducted at Allama Iqbal International Airport yesterday under the arrangements of Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (PCAA), spokesman for CAA said.

He said that high officials of PCAA, sister agencies operating at the airport and security agencies participated in the exercise. Purpose of said exercise was to handle any untoward incident/situation in real at airport, he added.

The spokesman claimed that exercise remained successful and during its progress airport’s operation remained normal and flights operated as per their schedules. At the end, Airport Manager Rashid Muhammad Hussain lauded all the participants for making the exercise successful.