Lahore - The gigantic 1100 kilometers gas pipeline project will bring $ 2 billion investment in the energy sector of Pakistan by the Russians all the way from Karachi ports to the north, Lahore. The pipeline is meant to facilitate the smooth supply of almost 12.4 billion cubic meters, of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), per year. President APBF Ibrahim Qureshi welcomed the Russian investors (Rostec) in Pakistan and praised the recent gas pipeline deal, signed between the two countries. “Although we do not have a promising history of trade, business or should I say of any sort due to some irresistible conditions throughout our relationship. But APBF will urge to consider this development as a step to usher a new era and a new phase of history that will be decorated with friendship, trust and collaborations in business and development largely” he said.

“It must not confined to the energy sector only, but we (Pakistan & Russia) should explore the trade and mutual business opportunities as well. And for that Pakistan and Russia must see each other as independent of all the previously assumed and presumed concepts of regional and international opponents or allies of opposites.” Mr. Qureshi further said that, “APBF is keenly interested to bring business ties in concrete realization with Russian business communities as well. Pakistan is vast opportunity to invest in. And APBF will extend all its positive and progressive support to the regional and international business communities indiscriminately.”

While hailing the project Mr. Qureshi said, “Our Government has reached promptly while deciding to close a deal with Russian investor.

For APBF, we see this era as ‘friendship with all and business expansion’ in Pakistan’s business and foreign policy.” He as a President to APBF also assured the Government of full support in building a business enabling environment in Pakistan and that it will contribute to its best while identifying and engaging with vital resourceful regional and international organizations and communities for the best development of Country’s economy.