The Government College Women University (GCWU) Sialkot has sent a project to the Australian government for approved, seeking a sum of 10,000 Australian dollars for the provision of potable water in Sialkot city. The GCWU experts and researchers had chalked out the multi-dimensional project to ensure the provision of potable water to the people of Sialkot. A study has revealed that the water in Sialkot was adulterated and unhygienic due to which the people of Sialkot had been suffering from several water born diseases as there was no proper sewerage system while the underground water supply pipelines were lying clogged, broken and rusting for decades, said GCWU Vice Chancellor Dr Farhat Saleemi.

Talking to newsmen, she hoped that the Australian government would soon approve the project. She said that the GCWU had also focused on the promotion of applied researches and ensuring the early and smooth provision of advance researches and material testing facilities to the export industries.

The VC said that the GCWU had been facing acute shortage of funds, basic infrastructure and faculty teachers since its establishment. She said, "We are hiring the PhD teachers, but the government has not allocated any fund for the purpose. This university direly needs funds for its upgradation. We have no start-up money, we also want urgent master planning for proper utilisation of vast lands of the university."

She said that the GCWU had now a foolproof advanced internal and external security system. She pledged to make it the centre of excellence. She said that students had been facing a great ordeal due to shortage of classrooms and hostel, as the existing hostel rooms were not enough to accommodate the growing number of the university students, which has jumped upto to 6500 students here.

She said that the Women University Sialkot was faced with great challenges including non-availability of the funds, shortage of senior faculty staff and basic infrastructure. She said that there was also dire need of early renovation and repairing of all the blocks of the university. She said that it had no funds for even its renovation and white washing.

She said that its library lacked books and journals as Rs15 million were required for the upgradation of the library. She pledged not to leave any stone unturned for making it a prestigious university.

She sought cooperation from the public and the Sialkot business community to donate funds for the university. She said that the Sialkot business community had set several unique examples of self help by establishing mega projects including airport in Sialkot. She said that the business community should also come forward to play their pivotal role to donate funds for this university which would be a great blessing for the local female students with provision of opportunities of getting higher education at local level.

She pledged that the university will be in taking off position and would become a prestigious one of the country soon, if the needed funds, faculty staff and basic infrastructure is provided.

She termed this university as a great blessing for the local female students and the number of the students was growing day by day.