CDA has recently started an operation against commercial enterprises operating in residential areas of Islamabad. The timing of this operation is awesome. It is being done at a time when the economy is at its worst. When because of terrorist attacks and adverse law and order situation, most foreign investment has dried up. When you hardly see any Westerner on the streets of Islamabad? When unemployment is at its highest leve?. Now CDA wants to add to this miserable situation by sealing people’s properties. Is it possible to shift thousands of such businesses within the span of one week to a commercial location? Is enough space available in commercial centers to accommodate thousands of such businesses?

This is a humanitarian issue and the Government needs to intervene and inform Supreme Court and CDA that providing bread and butter to the populace is more important than implementing a law which is of no consequence to the common man. That implementing such a law in a hurry would have adverse consequence on state of employment, state of economy and tax collection. That all this can be postponed till the economy is back on track, till foreign investors are back in the country and till law and order is completely under control. It has taken Islamabad 40-50 years to get to where it is today. Why should all this be undone in 1-2 years. Is it a sensible decision? Please act prudently, whether you are a judge, a bureaucrat or a politician. Have mercy on the people of Islamabad.


Islamabad, October 10.