This refers to the recent American objections on CPEC. America raised concerns over CPEC by stating that the route goes through northern areas, which are part of Jammu and Kashmir. This statement is quite eccentric. Pakistan that has brought American war into its own yard is getting nothing but the criticism and condemnation. Pakistan lost thousands of its people in this vicious “war on terror”.

India, on the other side, is playing aggressively when it comes to Pakistan. It is even ready to talk to China on certain issues, but not with Pakistan on any issue. It is involved in a number of campaigns against Pakistan at various stages – supporting terror inside Pakistan is one of them. Moreover, it remained successful in having its antagonistic policy towards Pakistan approved from America.

Uncle Sam should know that it is actually India that is violating international law by constructing several dams including Baglihar on Chenab River in the disputed territory of Jammu and Kashmir. American criticism clearly stresses Pakistan to stop getting duped and focus on reviving its foreign policy towards USA.


Lahore, October 19.