The young and sturdy, Yasir, is the incredible part of our national team who has been proclaimed the second fastest bowler in the history of Test cricket to take 100 wickets. Who knew such a fierce player in the spectator filled stadium would be so reticent outside of the field?

In a recent video of ‘Sawal Cricket Ka’, a web-series produced by the PCB, we get to see this youthful cricketer making some heart-achingly adorable confessions. Zainab Abbas, the charming sports anchor, hosts this show and wouldn’t budge to ask what needs asking.

Exciting as it sounds, the video shows Sarfraz and Yasir, the power duo, sitting for a never-have-I-ever game, playing it all too well. The game gets interesting when Yasir, who seems to hold all to himself, on being asked who his celebrity crush is takes the name of the legendary Indian singer, Lata Mangeshkar.

Yasir, timidly remains firm on the answer which leads to Sarfraz’s heightened amazement. Both the players, in their fine composure, give the audience a little sneak peek at their childhood fantasies.

 On being probed further by Zainab to see if he actually meant what he said it became apparent that the question wasn’t clear to him. It really would have been something legendary (pun intended) had it been true, but Yasir, upon being explained the concept, answered with the name Kajol -- the hazel-eyed Bollywood actress.