I have done my graduation from Punjab University as a private candidate of late and secured nigh 70% marks .From intermediate to graduation ,I have got all my education at home from my father, but for the past few days I was trying desperately to get admission in the public as well as esteemed private universities in the English department for my master programme.As I never went to any public institution for admissions before this, I used to think that there would be many seats for the students who crossed the 60% marks barrier in graduation. But all this proved outrightly my wrong perception, as only a few fortunate students get admission in the fields of their choice mainly owing to very limited seats available in the public Universities.

In our country, a very small portion of students go for University education or higher studies, but the kind of treatment is being meted out to them is also sheerly dismaying. According to The Times Of India ,”Every hour there is a student suicide in India”. As I am observing our country’s education polity, the time is not far when students’ suicide rate in our country will also be very cumbersome. Only students belonging to creme de la creme have the prerogative to get admission in prestigious private universities while all the rest students are left on the mercy of public universities where students are in thousands and seats in such meagre quantity that cannot be described.

Now ,I am going to apply for the last public university in the days to come in Lahore and the worrisome thing is the surge in dues that everyone can’t afford.Given the dues structure of public universities ,I am of the view that their appellation “Public” ought to be changed to “Private”. Increased transport fares and universities dues are even out of the reach of the upper middle class families.

How come a student with poor background cannot get university education in our country? If the education system remains unchanged, many will prefer dying to going for higher education. We very often hear an epigram that “State is like a mother”. State must extend every ilk of help to the eligible students striving for getting university admissions out there and not let them keep floundering..As mothers are always seen performing apotropaic rituals on their children ,the State’s love and affection should be also of the same sort towards it’s citizenry.