LOS ANGELES-Jennifer Lopez was thrilled to work with a female cast and crew on ‘Hustlers’.

The 50-year-old actress starred in the movie alongside a female cast that includes Lili Reinhart, Constance Wu and Cardi B and admits it was ‘’pretty special’’.

She said: ‘’It had all women producers and a woman director and a woman writer and an all-woman cast, and a woman editor. We really went deep. And you don’t see that often. I’ve made, I don’t know how many movies, 30 or 40 movies in my career, and this was the first time that happened. So it was a pretty special unicorn event. It’s great that it’s being received in the way it is. It shows we can not only make a good movie but we can also make a successful movie that makes money. That matters in this business. So that was an amazing thing to be a part of.’’

And Jennifer admits the Oscar buzz surrounding the movie is ‘’pretty amazing’’.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, she added: ‘’It’s pretty amazing. I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was thrilled and excited and overwhelmed.’’

Meanwhile, Jennifer previously confessed she visited strip clubs with Alex Rodriguez to research ‘Hustlers’ and she spent a lot of time talking to women who do the job for real in order to understand them.