In May, Goddess of Pop, Cher, marked 'one of the greatest moments' of her life after a Pakistani court ordered freedom for a lonely elephant named Kaavan, who had become the subject of a high-profile rights campaign backed by the US singer.

"We have just heard from Pakistan High Court that Kaavan is free," Cher had tweeted. "This is one of the greatest moments of my life," the effusive singer had written.

Now, the famed singer has shared an update on the matter and shared the travelling crate Kaavan will be moving to Cambodia.

Sharing the picture of the crate that has been adorned with the signature Pakistani truck art, Cher wrote, "Ahhh, Kaavan’s travelling crate and home when he gets to Cambodia. It’s like a dog crate - a very huge dog crate. In beginning, it will make him feel safe and comfortable. Can’t wait to sing to him on way to Cambodia."